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Leonid Kriwitzki was born in 1932 in the town of Kirowograd (Ukraine). After having graduated the St.PetersburgerArt School he entered (1953) the Former Royal Academy of Arts in St.-Petersburg, which he graduated with the highest marks (1959) and got the Diploma of an Artist in painting. In 1962 graduated doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts.

Since that time Leonid Kriwitzki always sent his works to exhibitions in Russia and in many countries abroad (More than 40 exhibitions). In 1970 the artist got the silver medal from the Academy for the Best Painting of the Year. This allowed him to train in Italy,

Soon he received the title of the Honoured Artist of Russia. The Italian period was one of the most productive episodes of his life as an artist.

He has always adored Venice, Rome, Florence... and Italian themes gave a considerable impulse for his artistic life. Italy and its art influenced all the creative life of the artist. For 25 years he continuously taught painting at the Arts and Graphic Faculty in St Petersburger Pedagogical University. More than 60 students painted their final Diploma works under his lead. All of them became successful artists who work in Russia and all over the world - USA. Sweden, Germany, and many other countries. Artist's paintings are hanging in numerous Russian and foreign museums and in private collections and galleries of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, London, Paris, Stockholm, Tel-Aviv etc. L. Kriwitzki is always perfectioning his mastery, working out new techniques of painting, and teaching young students. He has more than 50 grand-format compositions and paintings, reflecting Russian and soviet history.

Large part of his work is devoted to Italy, its architecture and art. The Artist created a huge gallery of portraits of his contemporaries and friends.

Among the abundant and various artistic creations it is rare to get acquainted with artists who are really talented and at the same time are professionally literate.

Leonid Kriwizkij is a representative of this very category of artists.

An undivided attention and imaginative penetration into the essence of the imposed task steady and laborious work over the composition and colour definition of the conceptual decision of the painting all this is being done wholeheartedly and with high responsibility regarding himself and the spectator. His professional sense allows him to create pieces of art combining touches of exquisity and exactitude of composition and colour placing. The searches of new techniques of this definition logically lead to new ways of artistic embodiment. The relief gets naturally into the painting and strengthens the impression onto the spectator enriching the concept of the composition.

For instance the splendid Venetian Carnivals or tragically resounding works consecrated to Holocaust. The professionalism of Leonid Kriwizkij is also evident when we look onto the fine attention to the surface of the canvas and the unity of the composition and the frame of the piece of art. The natural taste and exactitude in choosing of means of painter's utensils make the works of Leonid Kriwizkij the real evidence in Art.

One can feel the thankfulness and sincere warmth when Leonid speaks about his teachers.

For example Joseph Al. Serebrjanyj, who was the leader of the studio which the artist graduated at the Repin's Art Academy. Now he is also a skilful teacher for numerous artists and painters, many of which became well known in our country and abroad.

Let us wish Leonid Kriwizkij to continue his work and to bring to us the appearances of his diverse talent.

Renat Friedman

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